Castle Bellingham Wedding with Bride by the lake

Irish Castle Weddings

Who doesn't love the idea of having an Irish Castle Wedding Venue on their wedding day. These are perhaps the most romantic of locations, luxurious wedding venues where you and your guests can make the most of fabulous rooms, great gardens, and magical settings where unforgettable memories of your wedding day will be created.

Not all castle wedding venues might be exclusively yours, and they are all very different in terms of size and numbers they will cater for, but do check them out if you're looking for somewhere that has history and character.

Irish Country House Wedding Boyne Hill House

Country House Weddings

We love photographing weddings in country houses, especially those which have mature gardens and a large estate that provides a wonderful variety of locations for wedding photography. 

There's something quite special in knowing an exclusive Country House Wedding Venue is yours alone for the day, that kind of luxury creates a unique atmosphere that guarantees you and your guests will have very special memories indeed.

Hotel Wedding at The Shelbourne

Hotel Weddings

Easily the most popular settings, Hotel Wedding Venues in Ireland are hard to beat in terms of what they can offer to suit any budget, and any size of wedding. From the largest rooms to the smallest, whether you have 4 or 400 guests, there's a kind of hotel out there to suit almost every wedding you might imagine.

There is no best hotel for a Wedding, only the right one for you. You probably already have an idea in mind for where you'd like to have your reception, but do have a look around.  

Alterative Wedding venue Rock farm Slane

Other Wedding Venues

Restaurant Wedding Venues have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it's pretty obvious why they can be great locations. If you're into good food and a laid back atmosphere then restaurants can provide the ideal location for not just having your reception, but also your ceremony.

But it's not just restaurants you can look to for your wedding venue, if you want something a bit different you should also look to clubs, galleries and farms.

Wedding Bands

We've seen plenty of wedding bands play at various venues over the years and while we won't pick a favourite - because everyone is different - we can say that these are bands that we thoroughly enjoyed seeing play and who got the dance floors hopping at the end of a long day. 

Wedding Videographers

We don't have any ties to any videographers so the following list is purely based on how well we got on with these guys during the wedding and feedback we're heard from couples. They're all very easy to work with and lovely to chat to.