Clonabreany House Wedding with Bride & Groom

Clonabreany House Wedding

Rebecca & Mark, 2017

What a great day we had with these two. There's something about March weddings that brings out the best in almost any setting, the low sun skimming across the skies and casting long warm shadows into the evening. Rebecca and Mark make for a terrific couple, very charming and easy going with a lovely gentle sense of humour. It's obvious where they get it from, their families made us feel so welcome.

We both started the day at Rebecca's family home, then Mike went to meet mark at Clonabreany House before the ceremony. We're more than happy to split between two venues if they're reasonably close to the ceremony, lots of couples enjoy seeing what each other's day from a different point of view. 

Clonabreany House has pretty much everything you might want from a wedding venue: a large windowed marquee perfect for dining and dancing away the evening; a lovely bright building for the ceremony; fabulous rooms for guests; a country bar; glorious woods and acres of landscaped gardens.

After the wedding ceremony everyone made their way to the house for the drinks reception. We like to give couples some time with their guests before we take them away for their wedding portraits, just so they can have some time to settle themselves and relax with friends.

The woods are close by, a short walk, and a perfect place set up shots, especially as the sun began to set, lighting everything with golden light. After photographing Rebecca and Mark we worked our way through the group shots,beginning with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen before moving on to family groups. 

After that we settled in for an evening of speeches, great food and fantastic entertainment from their band, Pink Champagne, photographing guests with their partners and getting some fun dance photos. All in all a really lovely day, the kind we could easily shoot time and again.


Clonabreany House Bride Prep reading card
Clonabreany Bride Reaction
Clonabreany House Bride and Veil
Clonabreany Bride Leaving home
Clonabreany Groomsmen
Clonabreany House Father of the Groom
Clonabreany House pageboy
Clonabreany Bride and father
Clonabreany Bride & Groom hands
Clonabreany Bride Mum reaction
Clonabreany House Groom and Groomsmen
Clonabreany House Bride Arrives for ceremony
Clonabreany House Wedding Bride and Groom and Rings
Clonabreany Bride and groom and rings
Clonabreany House Bride and Groom getting married
Clonabreany Bride and Groom Kiss
Clonabreany House Wedding taxi kiss
Clonabreany Wedding taxi
Clonabreany Bride at Gate
Clonabreany Bride at gate Closer
Clonabreany House Wedding Bride at gate
Clonabreany House Wedding Bride and Groom
Clonabreany House Wedding Bride and Groom at Sunset
Clonabreany House Bride & Groom Portrait
Clonabreany House Wedding Bridesmaids at gate
Clonabreany House Wedding Bridesmaids
Clonabreany House Bridesmaids
Clonabreany House Wedding Speeches
Clonabreany house Wedding Speeches 2
Clonabreany House Wedding Speeches 3
Clonabreany House Wedding Speeches Mother of The Bride
Clonabreany House Wedding Father of the Groom
Clonabreany House Wedding Party hats
Cutting The Wedding cake at Clonabreany House
Clonabreany House Wedding party celebrations
Clonabreany Wedding First dance
Clonabreany Wedding First dance Bride and Groom
Clonabreany House Pink Champagne Wedding Band
Clonabreany Wedding Band Dances
Clonabreany House Wedding Dances
Clonabreany House Dancing with pink Champagne
Clonabreany House Wedding Dances
Clonabreany House Wedding Bride dance