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Dublin Wedding Photographers Mike & Jill O’Dwyer

Dublin Wedding Photographers

Dublin Wedding Photographers, Mike & Jill O’Dwyer, capture all the emotion and romance of your wedding. Dublin Wedding Photography is one of the best photography teams in Ireland, as husband and wife they know what it takes to create beautiful, natural wedding portraits that tell the unique story for every wedding day. Their calm professionalism as wedding photographers, and their warm sense of humour, is very much appreciated by families and friends. Mike & Jill are looking for those fun moments with family and friends that couples might miss; their wedding photography is all about documenting two people’s commitment to each other, from the excitement of morning preparations to the ceremony itself, from the romance of wedding portraits to the glamour of the wedding reception.

Being a wedding photographer in Ireland is just another way of telling a story, something we Irish are the best in the world at. We like to blend in, be discrete, stay in the background for most of the day except when necessary for portraits and family group photos. We’re married, so we understand how these kinds of days can be, and, like all good wedding photographers, we’re there to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible - we’re masters at fixing ties, dresses, and flowers, running last minute errands, and even helping out with transport if the need arises.

We have been wedding photographers at hundreds of weddings over the years since we set up Dublin Wedding Photography in 2014 which has given us a wealth of experience and ideas to suit every occasion, so feel free to pick our brains. Just contact us to arrange to come out to the studio for an informal chat.

About Mike & Jill O’Dwyer

As wedding photographers we have contrasting styles that complement each other, which gives couples far more variety in the kinds of wedding photography they receive from their wedding day: as a wedding photographer, Mike relies on intuition and observation to capture relaxed wedding portraits and candid fun moments between guests; Jill’s eye for composition and light means everyone will look their very best. Jill is the kind of photographer who likes to set things up in an editorial style, much as you would see in wedding magazines - she’s also a successful commercial photographer in Dublin specialising in food and corporate photography. Mike doesn’t know what he’s going to do until after it’s happened, and sometimes he pretends to be a documentary photographer.

Mike & Jill met in college while studying photography in Dublin and have been competitive with each other ever since, pushing and cajoling each other to improve or, if one or the other gets too far ahead or big-headed, they may even resort to sabotaging the other’s shot to gain bragging rights. Obviously, Mike is winning, and can say this safe in the knowledge that Jill never reads what’s written on this website.

Just don’t tell Jill.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting here at the studio in Dublin just contact us and we’ll arrange a time and date that suits everyone. Sundays are usually most convenient for everyone, and we typically meet couples about 12 months before their wedding day.

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Recent Dublin Wedding Photography Reviews

A Rathsallagh House Wedding

Mike and Jill were our wedding photographers when we got married in July 2019, and they were such a wonderful team to work with. They were full of fun ideas and demonstrated such attention to detail. They are also genuinely lovely people and really helped us to relax and enjoy the day. We are delighted with our photographs. They both offer very different styles and approaches, so their work offered us a fantastic combination of posed and candid shots. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for wedding photographers- they were consummate professionals.

Stephanie & Eoghan

A Portmarnock Hotel Wedding

Mike and Jill were simply amazing and true professionals throughout the day! Mike met us at the venue for initial conversation and gave us clear direction as to what they would do in all weather eventualities. Instantly we felt very comfortable with him and their style of photography is exactly what we were after. On the day Mike was very proactive and showed me what a picture would like if the ceremony was held outside (it had just brightened up from the previous day's downpour). Decision made! Myself and my wife went on to get the most amazing collection of photographs from Mike and Jill. Thank you to Mike and Jill for helping make our day so special!

Doug & Caroline

A Fallon & Byrne Wedding

Both Mike and Jill were fantastic on our big day and we highly recommend them. Mike was so welcoming and friendly when we met, we knew we had made the right choice. On the day Mike came to my house in the morning and Jill went out to my wife's house. Both Mike and Jill were chatting to our families and guests throughout the day and made everyone feel comfortable (my family has quite a few photo shy people so this was a great help). Mike and Jill just felt like guests by the end of the day and we would like to thank them so much for their contribution to our wedding day

Owen and Stephanie

For more genuine reviews on Google from couples just click here.

Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at Killiney Hill
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at Finnstown Castle, Dublin.
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken in Dublin.
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at St Stephen's Green, Dublin.
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at Howth Pier, Dublin.

How To Choose the Best Wedding Photographer in Ireland for you.

Meet With Your Wedding Photographer

How do you choose the best wedding photographer in Ireland for you? It’s not an easy thing to pick a wedding photographer, someone who you will spend more time in the company of during your wedding day than almost anyone else. Your wedding photographer will be with you from your wedding day morning preparations up until everyone is setting the dance-floor on fire in the evening. That’s a lot of time to spend with anyone. Someone once said that the best photographers are chameleons, they should be able to blend in anywhere without drawing attention to themselves. That feels like as good a description of being a good wedding photographer as you might get, you certainly don’t want someone who wants to be the centre of attention, bouncing around with cameras swinging all over the place in a way that screams LOOK-AT-ME.

You can’t beat meeting up with a photographer before you decide if they’re right for you. The first thing to do is to find a wedding photographer whose style of wedding photography you would like to have, there are hundreds of wedding photographers in Ireland so narrow your favourites down to four or five who have availability on your wedding day. Arrange to meet up with them as soon as possible, the best wedding photographers will be booked up a year or two in advance for popular dates - June to October goes fast, as do Christmas dates. Photographers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and personalities, but spending half an hour with them will give you an idea of what they’re actually like.

Ask To View Recent Weddings

Ask each photographer to show you a full set of wedding photographs from two or three recent weddings. What most wedding photographers do is show just the highlights from each wedding online, because they’ll shoot thousands of images during the day. Looking through a full set of wedding photographs will show you how thorough the wedding photographer is, there are ‘down times’ during a wedding day (just after the ceremony, the drinks reception, after the meal and before the dances, etc) so keep an eye on what the photographer chose to do then - did they sit back, or did they work. We get lots of compliments about how we work with guests on wedding days, not just the couple, and we do that extra work because family and guests enjoying themselves is a big part of what makes a wedding day special.

When you’re chatting to your wedding photographer you’ll soon see whether they’re interested in your plans for your wedding day or if they prefer to talk about themselves and what they want to do. It’s your day, not the photographer’s, so you should feel comfortable talking about whatever mad ideas you might have - the madder they are, the better as far as we’re concerned ;) If you’re struggling to make conversation after ten or 15 minutes, imagine what it will be like spending a whole day with that person. Sad face. A meeting with a wedding photographer should flow, the conversation should be back and forth, exchanging ideas and when you leave you will just know that’s the person for you.

Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at Celbridge Manor
Castle Leslie Wedding Bride & Groom Linda James
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at Castleknock Hotel, Dublin.
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at Killashee House Hotel

Is It better To Have Two Wedding Photographers or One?

Who Is The Second Wedding Photographer?

You might think that it’s obvious to us that two photographers will be better than one, but it’s not the case. There are plenty of single shooter wedding photographers out there whose work we like, and they will provide a second shooter if requested - albeit at an additional cost. But, the big question has to be: what’s the relationship with the second photographer? It could be someone who has just been drafted in for the day just because the couple requested a second shooter, and couples may be paying for busywork that won’t make the cut. Ask who the second shooter will be, and look at their work too.

It’s all about strengths and weaknesses as a wedding photographer: is a single shooter good enough to provide a couple with a great mix of different kinds of photos of their wedding day? Some are, and some aren’t. We’re just not that single shooter wedding photographer.

We know our strengths and weaknesses as photographers, and we’re simply far more comfortable working as a team; our clients love the way we try to outdo each other, and that we have different approaches to what we do and that we trust each other to do their job. We’re married too, so not only do we understand each other and can communicate with a glance, we don’t need to charge an extra fee for a second shooter as everything we do goes towards feeding the same money-monster.

What Kind Of Wedding Photography Is Required?

Weddings, by their nature, require different approaches photography at different stages of the day. In the morning everyone is getting ready, so being able to document that requires an observational eye that doesn’t interfere in what’s playing out in front of the lens. Later in the day a wedding photographer may be shooting individual portraits of the bride and groom, and of them together as a couple, which requires giving some direction - we strive for an editorial style look.

How good is your wedding photographer at handling the dreaded group photos? Are they good organisers, or do they just shout at people - we’ve been to weddings too, and OMG!!! Seriously, some wedding photographers have no manners.

As the speeches and meal finish up your wedding photographer should be able to work the room, there’s huge potential for informal photos of friends and family which are great fun to look back over - when everyone lets their hair down the personalities can shine through. Then there’s the evening’s entertainment, we’ve seen everything from fire-eaters to celtic drummers, and onwards to the dancing - a particular highlight for us.

Tinakilly House Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom and Bridesmaid
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at Luttrellstown Castle, Dublin.
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken in Carlow
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin.

Wedding Photographers in Dublin & Surrounding Counties

Why Do We only Work Locally?

We work exclusively as wedding photographers in Ireland, we don’t travel to other countries for work. Specifically we only work in Dublin and the surrounding counties - up to 90 minutes or so from Dublin Airport, maybe a bit further if it takes our fancy. We regularly turn down work further afield because we’re real home-birds, although we’re happy to recommend photographers we like to the couples in question. The majority of our work comes from commercial photography, and while we love shooting weddings this means we can keep the number of weddings we photograph to around 35 a year. It’s a work-life balance that suits us and keeps things fresh and interesting.

International Clients

Of course, just because we work primarily as wedding photographers in Dublin doesn’t mean we don’t get to meet all sorts of people from all over the world. We do. As surprisingly large part of our business comes from the UK, with a lot of Irish people who live over there coming back to Ireland every year to celebrate their wedding with family and friends. These wedding days can be very emotional, especially with couples from further afield - Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East - who chose to come home and be with family. Christmas weddings in Dublin are a fabulous thing, and it’s always a busy time of the year.

Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at Balyna House
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at Killashee House Hotel
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at City Hall,Dublin.
Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at the K Club

Our Favourite Irish Castle Wedding Venues

Who doesn't love the idea of having an Irish Castle Wedding Venue on their wedding day. These are perhaps the most romantic of locations in many people’s minds, luxurious wedding venues where you and your guests can make the most of fabulous rooms, great gardens, and magical settings where unforgettable memories of your wedding day will be created.

Not all castle wedding venues might be exclusively yours, and they are all quite different in terms of size and numbers they will cater for, but do check them out if you're looking for somewhere that has history and character.

Ardgillan Castle - Barberstown Castle - Bellingham Castle - Castle Durrow - Castle Leslie - Luttrellstown Castle

Castle Leslie Wedding Bride & Groom Walking

Our Favourite Irish Country House Wedding Venues

We love photographing weddings in country houses, especially those which have mature gardens and a large estate that provides a wonderful variety of locations for wedding photography. There's something quite special in knowing an exclusive Country House Wedding Venue is yours alone for the day, that kind of luxury creates a unique atmosphere that guarantees you and your guests will have very special memories indeed.

Palmerstown House Estate Wedding photographer Dublin

Our Favourite Hotel Wedding Venues

Easily the most popular settings, Hotel Wedding Venues in Ireland are hard to beat in terms of what they can offer to suit any budget, and any size of wedding. From the largest rooms to the smallest, whether you have 4 or 400 guests, there's a kind of hotel out there to suit almost every wedding you might imagine.

There is no best hotel for a Wedding, only the right one for you. You probably already have an idea in mind for where you'd like to have your reception, but do have a look around.  

Shelbourne Hotel Wedding Dublin Groom & Groomsmen

Our Favourite Alternative Wedding Venues

Restaurant Wedding Venues have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it's pretty obvious why they can be great locations. If you're into good food and a laid back atmosphere then restaurants can provide the ideal location for not just having your reception, but also your ceremony.

But it's not just restaurants you can look to for your wedding venue, if you want something a bit different you should also look to clubs, galleries and farms.

Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland, Mike O'Dwyer, photo taken at St Anne's park, Dublin.